Full Out 2: You Got This! - Jeff Deverett

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Full Out 2: You Got This! - Jeff Deverett
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Full Out 2: You Got This!

Jeff Deverett

Genre: Kids & Family

Price: $12.99

Rental Price: $4.99

Release Date: April 15, 2020

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Based on a true story, Full Out 2: You Got This! is fun, exciting, and loaded with gymnastics and dancing. The University of Oklahoma women’s gymnastic team wants to win their 2nd national championship. Their lead gymnast, Brenna Dowell, is the only woman in the world who can do a “piked double front”. When she announces she is leaving the team to try out for the Olympics, all are thrilled for her, but wonder if they can succeed without her. Senior, Chayse Capps, steps up to try and lead the team to victory, but does she have what it takes? In the OU dance department, Riley is a new phenom break-dancer. Although better than most of the break guys, Riley is nervous to complete against them. Outgoing Chayse meets shy Riley while watching a dance showcase. Chayse and Riley become inseparable friends as they discover they each have skills that can be shared to improve their performances. Can the two friends help elevate each other to win their respective championships?

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